What is Maui Madness?

Maui Madness is a party for the announcement of "The Bracket"--Those 64 teams who will vie for the 2020 NCAA National Championship for the Mens College Division 1 Basketball Tournament..
WE DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THE LOSERS OF THE PLAY IN GAMES- only the 64 teams slated for the Official First Round played on Thursday and Friday of the tournament.

Join us for live entertainment, collect photos and autographs of local and national celebrities, and Door prizes that will blow your doors off! Trips to Maui, Las Vegas, Final Four and WrestleMania and more!!!!!

Are you a gambling site?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We do not accept bets. We are not a lottery. There is no purchase necessary to be entered into the brackets portion of the event. 
FREE to Register online to be a member of Maui-Madness.com  
FREE to attend the March 15, 2020 Selection Party at Shotgun Sallys in South Fargo, ND and have the opportunity to have your name paired with a team in the tournament.

You must be 18 or older to participate.
We recommend all athletes consult with their respective school's Athletic Administration prior to registering/attending our event.


How Do I get a team for the bracket?

You MUST BE REGISTERED AS A MEMBER OF MAUI MADNESS to be eligible for door prizes. 

If you received FREE tickets from a friend, Event Sponsor or vendor, you must register on maui-madness.com to be eligible for door prizes.

This year we will use random computer generated selections for two purposes- speed up SEED pairings with attendees as well as potential for growth. 

I Don't know anything about basketball, how can I win?

You need zero knowledge about basketball, its rules or the players on the team. IF you are assigned a REGIONAL SEED for the bracket, simply follow the college team associated with that REGIONAL SEED. NOTE: Our Inaugural Champion just showed up to meet Ric Flair and won a Free Week Trip in Maui!


Do I have to be present to be drawn for the door prizes?

Yes for the MAUI MADNESS BRACKET only. We need to take photos of all 64 who are paired with a team in the tournament for promotional purposes and to Contact our Prize Winners

Instant Win Door Prizes given away at the live event, you must be present so we can take a photo of you with the prize for promotional purposes.

For the Poker Pick Drawing- you must be present to be in the drawing for chance to win up to $ 100k* See the description of the Poker Pick Contest here on the web site

How many people will be paired with a "Regional Seed" that corresponds to a real team in the mens tourney?

While 68 teams will make the tournament, we are not acknowledging the "play in game" losers. Therefore, 64 teams in the tournament should mean we draw 64 names but this is the beauty of the Maui Madness contest....Last years winner Sandy Arntson will receive the very last seed remaining for a chance to defend her title.For the Maui Madness it will be 63 names plus Sandy Arntson
For ALL OTHER PRIZE BRACKETS it will be 64 names

When will the Mini Madness drawing take place?


Will there be a VIP Meet & Greet with  talent?

DUE TO MAUI MADNESS GOING NATIONAL- There will be no professional talent for the March 15, 2020 Selection Party. However we are working with Dale Ellis and Ted DiBiase for attending the post promotion PRIZE PARTY in late April or early May 2020..... Confirmation details for the Prize Party should be announced on or before March 1st, 2020.

Is it true Maui Madness will be going National?

YES! We have struck a partnership with former NBA All Star Dale Ellis and his partners. Dale and his partners believe this event is great for growing interest in college basketball and wish to make it Nationwide Event.  

Our first event is being held in Atlanta also on March 15, 2020.  "Road to Paradise Live" information will be posted on Maui-Madness.com and our social media in the coming days.

My question isn't listed who can I contact?

Send and email to Admin@Maui-Madness.com