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Maui Madness 2018: What You Need To Know About Fargo's Best March Madness Contest

What is Maui Madness? How does it work?

Maui Madness is a promotion put on by a local Fargo business owner,Bob Footitt Jr, that is centered around the Men's NCAA basketball tournament. What you need to know about this unique, one of a kind promotion will be covered in this article.

The general, bare bones information of this is simple-it's an opportunity to pair you with one of the 64 teams in the NCAA tournament. If you are lucky enough to pick the envelope with the Region & Seed of the team that listens to Luther Vandross at the end of the tournament with a smile on your face, you'll win a Trip for 2 all the way from Fargo, ND to Maui.

You and a guest will spend a week in Maui with your room and round trip airfare completely paid for. Your room is at the beautiful Maui Marriott Ocean Club  

If you would like to hear Bob explain this contest with Jack Michaels of 740 The Fan please click here to listen   http://740thefan.com/podcasts/jack-michaels-show/962/you-can-win-a-trip-to-las-vegas-major-sporting-events-and-more-with-maui-madness/

The most interesting part of this drawing is you are paired with the first round opponent of the team you draw. For example, if you draw a # 16 Seed and think you are already out of it, think again. You also will be linked to the # 1 Seed they play in the First Round. If that # 1 Seed wins it all , you ALSO go to Maui*(Maui Madness Bracket only)

with Scott 




with Jacob and Bella




You must first create a FREE account by REGISTERING HERE

Second, you need a ticket to the event and must be present if your name is drawn (or have a friend stand in for you).   

*Must Be 18 years or older. No purchase necessary .See official rules for details


Tickets can be purchased online BUY TICKETS HERE or at the door. When you go to buy your ticket to the event you will register and create an account so you are in the system to receive promotional updates and prize information thru a newsletter

If your name is called you will come to the stage and grab an envelope containing a Sponsor Card with a Region Name (East, West, Midwest, South) and a number 1-16. That number is the "Seed" you have for that Region.



Last year's Maui Madness Bracket Winner Alicia Upton holding her # 1Seed from the South Region. North Carolina was the # 1 Seed for the South Region. The Tar Heels netted themselves a National Championship and Alicia a Trip for 2 to Maui 


The 2018 Maui Madness Bracket drawing will take place during the Maui Madness Bracket Selection Party Sunday March 11, 2018 at the Veterans Memorial Arena in West Fargo, ND.   By Sunday we will post the final brackets and what days they will be electronically drawn-  Mon 12th, Tues 13th, and Wed 14th


WE DO NOT RECOGNIZE PLAY IN GAMES. Only the 64 teams slated to start the tournament Thursday March 15th, 2018


Local entertainer and radio talent Dan "CHOW" Virchow explains Maui Madness here in LAST YEAR's 2017 PROMO......

The Event itself is more than just a drawing to get a team and go home. They create value in being there live so even if you don't  get paired with a team in the tournament  or are unhappy about the seed you drew, it's worth your time to show up. Door prizes, various celebrities and athlete Meet & Greets, and mingling with like minded individuals makes this event what it is.



Maui Madness has added several  new brackets and prizes for 2018 with more sponsors coming on board daily.....At least  20 brackets and over 140 top prizes and 1000+ consolation prizes available this year !!! 

Various items you can win at this year's Maui Madness:  One of 2 Trips to Maui, One of 2 Trips to Las Vegas, Box Seats for a Twins game at Target Field, Wrestlemania tickets, Mens/Womens Final Four Tickets, Harley Davidson leather jackets and other apparel, entries into local Marathons... the list goes on

 Maui Madness is a family event with brackets for families with kids that include Pool & Pizza Parties, Donut Brackets and entries into the kids Superhero Marathon sponsored by Wishfast.




Last year, before she auditioned for The Voice, Bob was able to discover and book Moriah Formica from Albany, NY to play at the event.  See the performance that spun all 4 chairs and made Adam Levine's jaw hit the floor






This year, after her stellar performances on The Voice she's coming back. Moriah returned to Fargo to sing the "God Bless America" at an North Dakota State University (NDSU Bison)  game this fall as an active contestant on the popular NBC show








Tickets for Sundays Event are $ 30.



The $ 30 gains entry to the event where there will be all kinds of door prizes and have a chance to meet

former WWE Superstars"Eugene" and "The Boogeyman", Mrs South Dakota Stephanie Dinsmore, local band Madmann's Illusion along with young rocking phenom Moriah Formica



 Madmann's Illusion





 The Boogeyman









Fargo businesses raised 80% of the money needed to record the song "Time" (video above) with Michael Sweet from Stryper, Joel Stroetzel of Killswitch Engage and Jonathan M Donais of Anthrax


Josh Frank will play the National Anthem. At the time of this writing, negotiations were still underway to bring a former NDSU Bison who is currently in the NFL to the event.








An itinerary for the event can be found here  


A live pro wrestling show has been added for Saturday March 10 at the Harley Davidson of Fargo showroom. Eugene will be bringing his Midwest All Pro Wrestling show to town. Moriah Formica will play a couple acoustic sets and someone will walk away with a pair of tickets (valued at over $ 500) to this year's Wrestlemania in New Orleans


The Live Wrestling event is limited to 300 persons with General Admission $ 30--  THIS WILL ALSO GET YOU IN SUNDAYS EVENT.   You will not have to pay $ 30 each day



You receive:
**Ringside table seating
**One free beer
** Share a platter of food for table
** FREE tshirt
** FREE Harley Davidson koozie. 

This ticket also gets you into Sunday event for no extra charge

This year is the biggest this event has been in terms of prizes, fan interaction with celebrities and notoriety. I would know, I'm the guy who won the first trip to Hawaii when I, a UNC fan, had to watch the god-forsaken Duke Blue Devils win the National Championship. I wrote about the experience here Bad Good Luck Won Trip Maui


If you are a basketball fan, you should attend Maui Madness.


If you are a wrestling fan, you should attend Maui Madness.


If you are a rock and roll fan, you should attend Maui Madness.


 If the thought of hanging out on the beach for a week in Maui intrigues you, you should attend Maui Madness.

Any information on the event can be found online but email admin@maui-madness.com if you have a question not addressed here.


Be sure to get your tickets for the Midwest All Pro Wrestling event on Saturday and be at the Maui Madness event on Sunday.


*This article was written by 2015 Maui Madness Champion Marcus Hagness and published on "BOTTLED SPORTS.COM" . Article has modified to include additional or more current information 3/6/18


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