Please watch following PROMO video from 2017 Radio personality Dan Virchow AKA "Chow" does a fabulous job explaining Maui Madness:






Maui Madness has entered into a partnership with NBA All Star Dale Ellis and his partners to bring Maui Madness Promotion across the country. Our mission is to promote the great game of college basketball, create new fans, and make DREAMS come true.  First stop is Atlanta, Georgia on March 15, 2020.  We have secured the LIVE at the Battery Atlanta venue for the party. DJ's , NBA all stars, contests, music by Moriah Formica of the The Voice and Madison Vandenburg. 

While I cannot be in both Fargo and Atlanta simultaneously, the show must go on in Fargo. Shotgun Sally's will be hosting both the Bracket Selection Party but also the end promotion Prize Party on either APRIL 26 or MAY 3rd--- STAY TUNED TO SOCIAL MEDIA FOR UPDATES